Vasilievsky granite

Vasilyevsky granite is mined in the Zhytomyr region and is a unique type of stone, known all over the world. This granite is a polychrome stone of volcanic origin with predominant green shades, which is suitable for use in the exterior and interior.
This type of granite is very popular, mainly due to its decorative properties. A perfect combination of brown and green colors, a harmonious addition and accentuation of the main elements of the interior, all this is possible if you use the granite of the Vasilyevsky deposit. The sawn granite paving stones of the Vasilyevsky deposit are successfully used in the design of road surfaces, garden paths and other areas in landscape design. Therefore, many owners of country houses use it for decorative exterior purposes.


M-STONE company specializes in the production of products made of high-quality natural natural stones-granite and marble. High-quality services and products provided.

M-STONE company offers to buy Vasilyevsky granite from Vasilyevsky deposit

We offer various products made of granite from paving slabs and curbs made of granite, to ready-made columns, the price of products made of Vasilievsky granite can be specified in the sales department.

Vasilevsky granite is used for:

  • Exterior cladding of buildings
  • Paving Stones and Curbs
  • Paving slabs and Steps
  • Window Sills and Countertops
  • Monuments, etc.

The originality of the natural structure and texture of Vasilievsky granite allows you to use this type of granite not only in the exterior, but also in the interior design. It has a unique color, natural texture.

Vasilievsky granite is extracted from Kamennaya Gora village, Korostensky district, Zhytomyr region.

The location of the layers of deposits of Vasilievsky granite allows you to extract it in huge blocks in the form of layers, sometimes such extracted layers can reach several thousand tons.
With this method of extraction, color stability is maintained from batch to batch, no other granite stone can boast of color stability.
In addition to the stability of the color Vasilevsky granite:

  • Easy to process
  • It has an average grain size
  • It is easily diamond-cut, which simplifies the installation, grinding and polishing of granite.

The stone has a medium-grained structure, and is widely used in construction work, often as a facing material. The color scheme makes Vasilievsky stone a universal granite for designers and ready-made design solutions. Vasilyevka granite has high strength, is resistant to sudden temperature changes, does not absorb odors and moisture, is unpretentious in care.

According to the class of radioactivity, it belongs to class one, which means that the granite of the Vasilyevsky deposit is fully suitable for all types of external and internal work.

In the company М-STONE

You can order a finished product made of Vasilyevsky granite or order an individual design solution made of any type of granite. Our specialists will develop an individual design and visualization of your project.

You can order a full cycle of work from us:

- Installation
- Grinding
- Polishing
- Restoration

We are also engaged in manufacturing:

- Tiles
- Steps
- Modular / Facing tiles

We give a guarantee for the entire range of products made from granite of the Vasilyevsky deposit.

One of the advantages of M-STONE is its portfolio of works that speak for themselves.

We have something to show you.

M-STONE is a team of professionals with many years of experience. Only professional equipment for processing Vasilevsky granite. We bring to life the most daring design solutions made of Vasilievsky granite. Our team does not sell granite stone, we offer our customers a ready-made solution based on granite from the Vasilyevsky deposit. Working on professional equipment, the cutting of the stone takes place in automatic mode, which allows you to reduce production costs in the manufacture of products from Vasilievsky granite. Delivery of marble and granite is made to any point of Ukraine.

You can get advice for free: go to our website, check out the catalog, call us or leave a request through the feedback window. The manager will help you decide on the choice of Vasilievsky granite, granite or marble, technical characteristics and answer all your questions.

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Our masters know the sequence of work step by step. We always provide the customer with our thoughts and arguments about the type of work on the site. Our installers can advise you in choosing the location of certain granite products in the house, they will do everything to make you feel cozy and comfortable for the money you have invested for granite products from M-STONE


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