The appearance of such an architectural element as a column is not due to the Hellenic period of history

Marble and granite columns are a luxurious interior decoration

Granite and marble columns have always emphasized the grandeur and elegance of the building. Carrying a serious functional load, stone columns were used in the construction of temples, palaces and other significant structures. Today, stone columns are used as a decorative element to decorate the facades of buildings and the interior space. The strength and durability of natural stone has been proven for centuries. Only thanks to the fact that the Greeks and Romans made their columns from granite and marble, we have the opportunity to admire their beauty to this day.The richness of the textures of the marble columns will emphasize the sophistication of the building (both outside and inside) and the refined taste of the owner. And the austerity and unwavering firmness of the granite columns will give status and seriousness

The installation of columns and pedestals does not require any special preparatory work. It is enough to know the approximate layout of the columns before the installation, and any specialist will be able to install the necessary elements in a short time.

The column has always been not just a support, but also performed decorating functions. It has, traditionally, a cylindrical shape. If in ancient times it was carved either from a single piece of marble or from parts that were also solid, now, most often, the column in the middle was hollow. If you continue to follow the tradition, the column should consist of three elements: the capital (located at the top of the column), the body (trunk) and the base, which is also the pedestal on which the column is installed. By the capitals, you can determine what architectural style the building belongs to, and in what era it was built. The capitals have their own well-established classification: Tuscan, Corinthian, Doric, Ionic and consisting of a mixture of several styles.

Our company offers its high-quality services for the production of columns and pedestals made of natural stone-marble, granite, onyx, etc. The process of installing columns has its own nuances, it must be said that the proportions and dimensions of the columns do not vary very much, since they were developed in ancient times taking into account the observance of geometric proportions, violation of which is unacceptable and leads to a noticeable distortion of space. If an incorrectly calculated cornice or skirting board can only spoil the plane on which it is mounted, then an incorrectly calculated column leads to a complete de-structuring of the space. We are happy to offer you the services of our craftsmen, who will complete the work in the shortest possible time and advise you free of charge, so that your columns and pedestals will serve you for more than one decade, and maintain an impeccable appearance throughout the entire service life.

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