Granite paving stones from the manufacturer

We produce paving stones from granite in different ways, but not because we are bored or have nothing to do, and even more so we do not want to "invent a bicycle" - all because: according to the type of processing and purpose, granite paving stones are divided into: sawn, chipped and sawn-chipped.

Rich features of granite paving stones

Granite paving stones - a time-tested coating

In some parts of different countries, amazing roads paved with stone have been preserved. They are more than three centuries old, but they continue to remain strong and retain their harsh beauty. The secret of these roads lies not only in the skill of the masons, but also in the material. Heat-treated granite paving stones have proven themselves as an incredibly strong and stable road surface. Today, it pleases pedestrians with its beauty, and modern technologies have made it even more reliable.

Granite paving stones have amazing decorative properties. Natural stone has many textures and shades. The shape and size of the bars allow you to lay out intricate patterns on the sidewalks and platforms. By combining different colors and masonry patterns, you can create unique compositions.
Granite paving stones, the price of which depends on its processing and the type of stone, has many modifications. Each of them is suitable for a specific place. For example, it is desirable to pave parking lots with crushed paving stones – its uneven edges increase the roughness of the surface. For sidewalks, sawn bars are suitable – this will allow you to walk on them in any shoes.

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