Ukrainian granite

High-quality, durable, frost-resistant and time-tested natural material is granite. Granite deposits can be found all over the world, but the advantage of domestic, appreciated even abroad. Karelian scientists have confirmed that the physical and chemical properties of natural materials exceed the strength of artificial ones.
Ukrainian granite is a natural stone, which includes many metallic and mineral substances. The variety of impurities in the stone allows you to divide it into different types by color. There are dark varieties of granite with inclusions, orange-red, with streaks of white and gray, and light, but with dark patterns. Depending on the place of extraction, the rocks have different names. Kapustinsky, Pokostovsky, Leznikovsky, Yemelyanovsky and Didkovichi are the most popular granite deposits.

Ukrainian granite is ideal for construction and finishing works. Eco-friendly, without deviation from radiation standards, stone is used as the main material, and for interior decoration.
Granite tiles are selected depending on the purpose of operation and conditions. Distinguish tiles from hard and soft rocks. Common types of hard granite rocks are gabbro and labradorite. They are used for laying floors, entrances, columns, countertops and other architectural elements. Granite of this group is suitable for harsh climate conditions and has a low percentage of erasability of the material.
Granite cladding has become highly popular due to a number of advantages of the material:
- strength;
- heat resistance to external environmental factors;
- has sound-proof properties;
- environmentally friendly material;
- a rich palette of colors for decoration;
- durability.

Among all the above characteristics, it is necessary to note the sophistication.

Facing the facades with granite will create a unique design concept and a sense of style.
It should be added that the choice of color of granite tiles depends on the strength of the material. One of the most popular in the decoration of the decor is considered red and black. As it turned out, the darker the shade, the stronger the stone.
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Ukrainian Granite

Types and deposits

Pokostovsky field

Vasilyevsky field


Yemelyanovskoye field

Mezhirichskoye field

Leznikovsky field

Kapustinsky field

Korninsky field

Didkovichskoye field

Labradorite of the Kamennobrodsky deposit

Tokovskoye field

Yurievskoye field

Maslovskoye field


Novodanilovskoye field

Simonovsky Red

Simonovsky gray

Chovnovskoye field

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