Granite steps, stairs

The steps are made according to individual dimensions, thickness and configuration. When calculating the cost of the finished product, the coefficients of manufacturing complexity are used, according to the agreement of the parties

Stairs, stairs made of granite Stone steps

Stairs, stairs made of granite are solid and overhead:

Stairs made of granite are solid and overhead:

- solid granite steps are monolithic products that are already ready for installation. They are mainly used in places with large crowds of people, usually externally. Solid steps are more wear-resistant and durable.
- overhead steps made of granite are mounted on a ready - made frame in the form of a step - concrete, brick or metal-due to which their cost is significantly lower than solid ones. Overhead steps consist of a horizontal plate (tread) and a vertical plate. For outdoor installation, the tread is heat-treated, which prevents slipping, and the riser is polished, which gives the structure an elegant and solemn look.
Granite steps are both aesthetic and practical. Due to the natural characteristics of natural stone, the service life of such products, with proper processing and installation, is practically unlimited. The ability to produce steps of the required size, selecting the necessary color scheme that is in harmony with the interior, makes granite an unsurpassed decorative and building material.

For internal usanovki steps made of stone, as a rule, are polished, which gives them a shine and reveals a unique textural pattern of the stone. Steps with a polished surface look luxurious and expensive. However, such treatment is undesirable when installed outside closed rooms, since polishing makes the product slippery, especially in the autumn-winter period, and, accordingly, traumatic.
Therefore, granite steps for outdoor installation are heat-treated or sanded, which significantly reduces the risk of injury.
Multi-factor steps are also manufactured, which are completely safe due to the application of anti-skid strips (50-150 mm wide for each step). Anti-slip elements are successfully combined with both polished and polished granite surfaces.

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